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    The Commer TS3[1] was a diesel engine fitted in Commer trucks built by the Rootes Group in the 1950s and 1960s. It was largely the product of Tilling-Stevens, but was developed by Rootes Group when they bought out Tilling-Stevens. The engine was the first diesel engine used by Rootes Group and was of unorthodox design.

    The triangular arrangement of the 18 cylinders results in a compact engine, consisting structurally of three cylinder blocks forming the sides and three crankcases, one at each apex of the triangle. This arrangement fully exploits the mechanical simplicity of the opposed piston design. Short crankshafts are used, and as each crankpin carries one inlet and one exhaust piston, the loading ...

    The Junkers Jumo 205 aircraft engine was the most famous of a series of aircraft diesel engines that were the first, and for more than half a century the only successful aviation diesel powerplants. The Jumo 204 first entered service in 1932. Later engines in the series were styled Jumo 206, Jumo 207 and Jumo 208, and differed in stroke ...

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